I am interested in the ambiguous space between, and the understanding that the balanced middle does not always hit at a center point. There are differences everywhere and boundaries exist in between. Though we can see difference we cannot see the exactness that separates. In the physical world, the smallest unit of measurement is a planck. A unit so small it makes an atom seem like a galaxy. Any smaller, and equations crumble to quantum mechanics. Through this, the idea of a line in its defined, infinite thinness can only be theoretical. The idea that we can draw a line in the sand to divide is fabricated. These spaces are in perpetual textured movement and scale. There will always be texture in places we cannot see. When we expand out and focus in, the blindness through proximity is replaced with perspective and the simulated is replaced with abstraction. 

My practice is anchored in the manipulation of materials. With the use of contrasting elements and repetitive textures I create minimalistic works that explore the space between. During the process it is likely for works to be severed and reprocessed. Because of this, elements of my work are likely to have lived in past pieces. The transient qualities of the reused elements cultivate an environment that encourages experimentation in my artistic growth.  


Mitchell Biggio was born and grew up in Massachusetts where he became interested in the visual arts and making of things.  In 2010 he attended The Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Ga. While at school he had two solo shows and participated in numerous group shows including SCAD Open studio. Biggio graduated with a BFA in sculpture at SCADs Atlanta campus. After college he put his roots down in Atlanta Georgia and started working as a fabricator for local artists and hospitality art companies. In 2016 he started working for artists Gregor Turk and Maria Artemis as a studio assistant and fabricator.  Mitchell Biggio’s studio is located in East Point Atlanta where he works in a mixture of materials making sculpture, 2-D work and furniture.